Hans Plank-Halbgassen prefers to take photos of live situations – especially while travelling.
Using image processing software he changes and alienates the results and combines the reality of the pictures with intuitive creativity to produce something new.
Hans Plank-Halbgassen has special preferences for bizarre phantastics. Police images of criminals get a surprising aesthetic of evil after their processing to „Bad People“.

Current projects:
- Preparation of the next photo exhibition
- Discussions about theological questions

Hans Plank-Halbgassen, born 1938, married to Elfriede Plank and father of 2 daughters. He grew up in Vienna as the only child of a working class family. Apprentice as typogapher. Published reportages and short stories through a London-based authors agency. Publication of lyric poetry on ORF and in anthologies. Radio dramas und featured stories for german, austrian and swiss broadcast.
Trips in Europe and North Africa.
He caught up his external graduation for university and studied at the Academy for World-Business. Degree of a two-year course for advertisement and sales.
Advertising writer and creative director.
Establishment of his own advertising agency. 22 years of successful advertising.
In 2002 pullout of professional life and intensivation of creative activities.
Artistic digital image processing learned through private studies.
Intensified occupation with theology und philosophy.
Collection of 6000 antiquated words and idioms from the Viennese dialect, dedication to the Academy of Linguistics.

Elfriede Plank